5 Prep Tips To Crush It On Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is Coming Mid July – Ready or Not!

For 2019, the actual date hasn't been set yet. But last year, it was Amazon's second biggest shopping day. For gourmet brands, a "doable" Prime Day plan – and then learning from it, can really give you a nice jump on Q4 planning – including other big one-hit days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And then of course there's Christmas.

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 7.40.36 AMIf you try and take advantage of the Prime Day opportunity, even if you focus on just a single top SKU, it'll be better than missing out. So roll up your sleeves and start prepping now.

Wow, there are over 101M Amazon Prime members!

Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest, global shopping event – exclusively for Prime members. Prime Day 2018 was a day and a half of Amazon's best deals that started July 16, 2018. They welcomed more new Prime members that day last year than any previous day in Amazon history.

Amazon customers on Prime Day are looking for deals, steals, sales, and discounts. As you well know, they're shopping with that mindset. So as brand manufacturer, it's time to showcase your top SKUs to people not familiar with your brand, and offer up your best deals with as much value as possible.

Prime Day relies on 2-day Shipping

Amazon FBA fulfillment centers must have product in "Available" status for on-time shipment. If you're a 3rd Party Seller on Seller Central and your SKUs are Prime eligible, that's good going. To get the best possible results from Prime Day, get all your logistics and marketing done well in advance.


5 Prep Tips To Crush It On Amazon Prime Day 

1) Prep Your Best-Selling SKUs & Account

We've seen Sellers discount their whole line, but pound for pound, if you go with targeting three to five of your best-sellers – where you have good margin and production, that'd be a reasonable start. Try and promote items that margin-wise can handle more aggressive discounting, relatively low shipping costs to FBA, and more targeted increased Amazon PPC Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands ad spending.

Selling bottle-by-bottle or bag-by-bag?

You'd probably fare better if you can create a couple more size variations (consider 2-packs up to 6-packs). If possible, go for a multipack at or around an SRP of $25-$45. And make sure you list them as a child size-variation listing under your base product parent. Don't just create a new SKU and list it separately. Make sure your parentage is done right.

Multipack SRP's should decrease in price as the pack size increases

But for your Prime Day limited-time discounts, don't just lower the SRP and raise it back afterwards. Keep the main SRP intact and instead offer a specific discount off retail. You'll most likely end up making more money, be more profitable, and see better margins. And don't forget Variety Packs. They're awesome trial inducers, and when Prime shoppers see them discounted, it may stimulate more traction.

If your account health isn’t in the best shape

increase selling loss leaders before Prime Day arrives to offset your Order Defect Rate. If you fulfill your own orders, make sure your Valid Tracking metric is 100% and your Late Shipment rate is 0%. If you’ve received negative feedbacks in the past 60 days, do whatever it takes to get them removed whether it means sending a free product or sending a full refund (make sure to abide by Amazon’s Terms of Service).
Making sure your account health is as high as possible will increase your likelihood of staying in the Buy Box, which statistically increases your conversion rates. Check on your account health and make specific recommendations on what you can do before Prime Day to make sure you have the highest chance of being in the Buy Box throughout the day.

2) Prep Your Product Listing Pages

Kofinas EBC-2

Capitalize on Prime Day's increased traffic

Drive them to well-crafted product pages that include:

• Optimized well-created titles with brand name & keywords

• 5 complete succinct & benefit-driven about-the-product bullets

• High-quality main picture & all additional pictures with catchy infographics

• 200-word well-written product description with html so it's easy-to-read

Engaging product, tabletop pictures & branded infographics sell!

Better looking, well written, and keyword-infused pages are going to convert well.

Have Brand Registry 2.0?

Then make sure you get your Enhanced Brand Content going.

It's free, and it'll typically convert at a higher rate and sing your brand story way better than a single blob of product description text.





3) Prep Your Stock

Start forecasting and planning to have have enough inventory.amazon-shoes
Depending on what SKUs you want to focus on and limited time discounts (advisable off your regular SRP) promotions you run, you could see huge sales spikes. So don’t wait until the last minute for FBA.

By late June & early July Amazon fulfillment centers will be insanely busy!

And shipment receiving will take way longer than usual. Also, consider sending via Amazon's discounted UPS rates vs. an LTL pallet shipment to Amazon's warehouses. It will typically arrive faster. Remember, after Prime Day, Amazon FBA Fulfillment Centers will also be very busy as sellers restock.

4) Prep Your Prime Day Promos


Target SKUs you’re long on, that you can discount for a more aggressive limited-time promo, and that can handle the promotional bump and increased ad spend. Lightning Deals have already closed on Lightning Deal submissions for this year so that's off the promo table for now.

Social Media Promo Code

Do this if you have your own email list or social media account with a decent following to share deals you’re running for Prime Day. This will help increase traffic to your listings and since the traffic will be highly relevant and lead to conversions, it will help rank your product higher for different relevant search results.

Go for Amazon Coupons also

They’ll be advertised on the Amazon Coupons Page and are visible in search results and in your Amazon ads. You also only pay for coupons that are actually redeemed, instead of an upfront fee. You'll want to control how long and when coupons run. Review margins to see if you can tolerate discounting – especially if your ad costs increase.

You can utilize coupons to give potential customers a discount opportunity that is more visible than volume discounts and BOGO discounts, which aren’t as visible on the detail page. You can also track coupons to see statistics and returns whereas you cannot do that as accurately for promotions.

Doing Amazon Promos is a nice tactic to build long-term traction and Rankability for your products and brand.


5) Prep Your Prime Day Sponsored Advertising

Screen-Shot-2018-09-20-at-3.10.49-PM-e1540508379900Feed the machine!

Try and go for targeted ad spend instead of spreading money across all campaigns. Up the daily budgets for the Prime Day selling window – prior, during, and after. Clicks are gonna get pricier when your competition raises bidding on the primo keywords you're going for.

 Audit auto & manual campaigns & ad groups

Consider raising budgets and bids for higher-converting SKUs with a lower ACoS. Increase budgets "doubling down" on campaigns that are performing really well and that might be able to sustain lower conversion rates – considering the increased Prime Day frenzied traffic.

Don't let your campaigns run out of budget

We recommend doubling, even tripling your daily budgets of your top-performing campaigns. Some of your competitors can exhaust their budget by late afternoon which can be a huge opportunity to steal their customers at a lower bid!

It's also good practice to pull your advertising report from the previous 30-60 days to see what search terms have been converting in your Auto, Broad, and Phrase matches. Take those search terms and add them to your Exact match (winners) ad groups since they have a proven track record.

Start advertising early and keep your eye on the needle. You'll probably see conversions going down when Prime Day is announced and Amazon starts promoting it. A brand-awareness campaign with low ROI still isn't a bad thing per se. In that case, wait for the actual day and then go full gas. Remember also, that more spending on ads increases overall Rankability in the long run.

Got Your Amazon Prime Day Plan Prepped?

Use Prime Day as an opportunity to get your house in order, ratchet up your advertising, and improve/optimize your product SKUs & page listings. You'll be ready to promote the right way on Prime Day and beyond into 2019.

Celebrate your Prime Day specials

Do that with off-Amazon marketing to your entire database and throughout social media.
Drive your world to your Amazon Prime Day specials. Amazon loves this and will reward you with better overall Discoverability, Buyability and RankabilityPlus you'll build long-term relevance for your products in the long run. You'll be on the road to increased sales velocity, improved branding, and stronger shopper engagement.

But don't just stop at these tips, check out our Free 10 Tips to Amazon Success.

As always, when it comes to specialty food and Amazon, we're here to help.

Book a FREE Strategy Call with me.

Happy Amazon selling!

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