Is Your Amazon Store Your Company's Best Spokesperson?

How to Make Your Amazon Store a 24/7 Salesperson

Last month at Expo West, like thousands of others, I snagged some awesome samples from the nicest, most articulate, quick-smart, industry-informed, trend-aware, nutritionally-savvy and brand-engaged company spokespersons.

Expo West 2019 goodies

Founders, CEO's, Presidents, Marketing Directors and Sales Reps all delightfully representing their brands and company. All telling unique stories of the magic that makes them special. Check out this quick snippet from one of our favorite clients Loving Earth Chocolates.




As I thought about how many nice personal connections I made there and hands I shook, something occurred to me. Where do you go to get the same story when there's no spokesperson around? For your company, is it your Amazon store? 

Amazon outranks Google 3-to-1 in product search

Amazon shoppers, specialty store buyers, gourmet food brokers, distributor sales reps, retail store managers – and just about everyone in between. Yes, they all want relevant brands. And they want to connect with your company – just as they did at Expo West.

If done right, Amazon can be the perfect place to reflect the same story about who you are, your company's legacy, and all your fantastic product benefits – that's consistent with your mission, values, and brand promise.

Amazon MUST represent your company and brand as you would

From vegan snack bars to turmeric-infused ginger shots, your Amazon store and your products are judged – before anyone at your company speaks word one. And everyone's vetting you through Product and Seller reviews.


4 tips to make your Amazon store your ultimate spokesperson

We'll use Loving Earth Chocolates as a quick Case Study. Click the images below to see how it actually appears on Amazon.


Loving Earth Chocolates

Make sure product flavor variations are consolidated into one base product listing

By grouping flavors and variety packs together, you'll improve product MARKETABILITY.

Plus you'll be consolidating Product Reviews which will have a major impact on overall sales velocity.

This strategy, called parentage, also applies to size variations and is one of the most overlooked items in helping position products correctly.




Improve the product pictures to the left of your principal product imageScreen Shot 2019-04-02 at 3.20.31 PM

You get nine additional photo opportunities to tell your story. So tell it with stronger visuals and get shoppers to salivate for your delicious products.

Stronger tabletop photos mean enhanced BUYABILITY of your products.

Engaging branded company pictures show Amazon shoppers how to enjoy the product, what your company's lifestyle vibe and values are, and how shoppers may delight in benefits your products offer.

Invest in better product photography and you'll see noticeable improvements in session percentage, page conversion, and overall sales.


Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 3.29.24 PM

Create Enhanced Brand Content

If you have a company registered trademark, sign up for Amazon's Brand Registry 2.0.

It's free and shows Amazon you're the owner of your brand. BR 2.0 allows you to create Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) – enabling you to enhance the product descriptions of your branded ASINs.

Using this awesome tool, you'll convey product features and benefits by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements – vital for specialty brands.

Adding EBC to your product detail pages typically results in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.

With EBC, you'll create a stronger first impression and boost Amazon DISCOVERABILITY – sometimes as much as 20% more than text-based product description text.

EBC can help you speak to your brand's greatness.





 Build an Amazon Stores pageScreen Shot 2019-04-02 at 3.40.55 PM

Like a mini website within Amazon, an Amazon Stores page costs nothing and is an awesome vehicle to promote and connect Amazon shoppers to your store, products, and company.

It allows visitors to learn about you, feel your energy, and shop. For 3rd Party Sellers with Brand Registry 2.0, you'll create an eyecatching multi-page, shopping experience and custom brand destination on Amazon.

Tell your company and brand story. Help shoppers find you faster. Use videos, text, and images with exceptional analytics and insights. Drive traffic with ads on Amazon and marketing activities outside
of Amazon via a unique readable URL.

Optimize content and campaigns with data stores to give you understanding of your sales and traffic sources. You’ll drive increased shopper loyalty and sales in your immersive Amazon Stores page experience.

Marketing your Amazon Stores page via social media is also a great way to build overall RANKABILITY for your products and brand.


Empower Amazon to speak well of your company

You'll be on the road to increased sales velocity, improved branding, and stronger shopper engagement.

But don't just stop at these 4 tips, check out our Free 10 Tips to Amazon Success.

As always, when it comes to specialty food and Amazon, we're here to help.

CLICK HERE to book a strategy call with me.

Happy Amazon selling!

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