Some Last-Minute Prime Day Amazon Advertising Ideas

Amazon announced Prime Day begins midnight July 15th for 48 hours

With this date coming fast, we'd like to share some quick hits on Amazon advertising best practices, workflows, and few advanced strategies. Thanks to our good friends at Teikametrics Customer Success Management team who passed along some really helpful ideas we'll touch on. We're proud to be working with them to help our specialty gourmet food brands and CPG clients achieve better Amazon Advertising results.


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Kickoff midnight July 15th
Continues through July 16th


Amazon recently announced that Prime Day 2019 will be a two-day event. This 48-hour "parade of epic deals" promises to delight over 101M Prime shoppers hungry for the best bargains on the planet. Will your brand even be seen? Remember, up to 4X the site traffic will blaze through the planet's largest online store.

Here's some last-minute ideas to juice your Amazon Advertising strategies.

Choose the right products & campaigns

Target your best sellers and keep in mind it's likely your entire line may not be suited. Looking at historical performance around this time last year can also help you decide. For each product, ask yourself if your target audience might be looking for this on Prime Day. Examples of products that sell well on Prime Day include:
  • Lower-priced items consumed regularly
  • Higher-ticket values only Prime shoppers can get
  • Special aggressively-priced Variety Packs
  • Gift-oriented & bulk super packs

Make sure you have plenty of inventory for any products you choose to promote. Remember, Prime Day is geared toward higher volume sales, which might mean losing out on margin a bit.

Some before-and-after Amazon advertising tactics

  • 3 days before Prime Day
    Raise your MACS by 25%. For example: If a campaign currently has a MACS of 40%, your Prime Day target would be 50%.

  • 1 day before Prime Day
    Double your budgets. Amazon can take up to 24 hours to reflect budget updates. Running out of budget means missing out on valuable traffic!

  • 3 days after Prime Day
    Lower budgets and MACS back to original levels.

Six more tactics to consider

Leverage the following ideas to increase sales volume and Discoverability:
  1. Coupons & discounts
    Use these to double down on sales volume for your best sellers and to drive traffic to some of your existing FBA inventory.

  2. Sponsored Brands advertising
    Leverage the increased traffic pre, during, and post Prime Day to drive awareness for your brand. A great way to attract new-to-brand shoppers.

  3. Product Attribute Targeting ads
    Target your competitors’ or complementary products with advertising to maximize your return on Prime Day.
  4. Create Prime Day tailored campaigns 
    Put some of your Prime Day approved products in a campaign together and target them using keywords like 'Prime Day' and 'Prime Day Deals'. These keywords are going to be costly to target. But it's an aggressive strategy nonetheless.

  5. Traffic can easily continue to progress up to two weeks after Prime Day
    So take advantage by keeping budgets doubled and MACS set 25% higher beyond the 3-day time frame we pointed out above. For an even more aggressive strategy, keep your ad strategies in place for 7-14 days after Prime Day.

  6. Store historical performance to forecast Prime Day 2020
    Platforms like Teikametrics offer outstanding historical performance metrics. Make sure you refer to their dashboard chart to analyze metrics regarding conversion rate, ACoS, TACoS and total revenue.

Finally, ask us how to improve your Amazon Advertising!

For numerous gourmet brands, we've dialed in proven strategies with robust tools like Teikametrics to improve keyword bidding, campaign management, and more to take Amazon Sponsored Ads and Sponsored Brands advertising to the next level. We've helped dozens of gourmet brands boost sales, drive higher sales from Amazon advertising spend, lower ACoS, and improve ROI.

If you'd like to setup an Amazon Advertising audit, book a FREE Strategy Call with us.

Our purpose is to help awesome gourmet brands like yours grow on Amazon

As always, when it comes to specialty food and Amazon, we're here to help.

Happy Amazon selling!

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