Improve These 4 Pillars For Real Amazon Growth

Familiarize yourself with these 4 essential Pillars.

If you read our post last week, you know why pivoting to stronger e-commerce is critical now more than ever.  In this post, we'll break down the Amazon portion.  It's the first of the key e-commerce...

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Ideas From a Digital Marketing Agency - E-Commerce Now More Than Ever!

Pivot to grow online sales via Amazon and your website.

Who would’ve thought something too small to see with the naked eye could bring the global economy to its knees? COVID-19 has taken loved ones from us, upended our way of life, and challenged...

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5 Steps to Improve Amazon Q4 Discoverability

With the holidays just around the corner, are your products "Discoverable" on Amazon?

If it's anything like last year, there will be 2 to 5 times as many Amazon holiday shoppers. It's why improving Amazon Discoverability is a key strategy we use with our...

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Some Last-Minute Prime Day Amazon Advertising Ideas

Amazon announced Prime Day begins midnight July 15th for 48 hours

With this date coming fast, we'd like to share some quick hits on Amazon advertising best practices, workflows, and few advanced strategies. Thanks to our good friends at Teikametrics...

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5 Prep Tips To Crush It On Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is Coming Mid July – Ready or Not!

For 2019, the actual date hasn't been set yet. But last year, it was Amazon's second biggest shopping day. For gourmet brands, a "doable" Prime Day plan – and then learning from it, can really give you...

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Just Win the Amazon Buy Box Baby!

Check out this Buy Box below...

Look to the right of your main product image on one of your Amazon product pages. This is the Buy Box. After the words In Stockis the Sold by your company's name? If not, you're losing sales and losing money to other...

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Is Your Amazon Store Your Company's Best Spokesperson?

How to Make Your Amazon Store a 24/7 Salesperson

Last month at Expo West, like thousands of others, I snagged some awesome samples from the nicest, most articulate, quick-smart, industry-informed, trend-aware, nutritionally-savvy and brand-engaged...

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Sparking Your 2019 Amazon Strategy

Natural Products Expo West just e-mailed me.

It said “get ready to find your spark.” Well this year I anticipate it’ll be more wildfire than spark. When I attended Expo West last year, Navigating Amazon was the second biggest challenge of...

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3 Keys To Mega Marketability on Amazon

Amazon commands 50% market share of e-commerce.

It's only going to grow. As their footprint has expanded into brick-and-mortar with its purchase of Whole Foods, the lines between online and brick-and-mortar sales and marketing strategy can get blurry. ...

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4 Pillars to a Successful Amazon Storefront

Has your Amazon store hit $20k/month consistently? 

Do your products have at least 50 reviews? Earlier this year at Expo West's State-of-the-Industry seminar, this slide caught my eye. We believe navigating the planet's largest online retailer should be...

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